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  Di-Calcium Phosphate (DCP)
Rock phosphate is treated with hydrochloric acid at a particular concentration, under controlled condition. Tricalcium phosphate present in rock phosphate gets dissolved in acid and forms monocalcium phosphate and phosphoric acid. Along with the, impurities soluble in acid also get dissolved which are precipitated and separated by the addition of purifying Chemicals.
Monocalcium phosphate and phosphoric acid are then treated with alkali and lime.  Pure white crystals of DCP settle at the bottom which are removed and washed several times with water. Thus, all impurities are carefully removed in two stages. Pure white crystals of DCP are filtered and dried, using a flubbed drier. The dried material is ground to desirable particle size and later tested in the quality control laboratory on various parameters. Only after quality certification from the quality control laboratory, the material is dispatched.
  Mineral Mixture with Vitamins
We manufacture mineral mixture with vitamin premix for better animal health & productivity
  Chelated Mineral Mixture
We manufacture Chelated Minerals fortified with Vitamins for dairy animals which improves fertility, health, productivity, Prevents deficiency of minerals and vitamins in Dairy animals.
  Feed Enzymes
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